The AGC Museum is located at the top of the hill from Winchester city centre. The hill is very steep. The Museum is located a 10-minute walk from the Winchester train station and is located 75 feet from the Westgate bus stop.


There is limited, free parking on site with permits for your time visiting Winchester’s Military Quarter only. There are disabled spaces within the metal studs in front of the Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum, however the Museum cannot guarantee parking or reserve spaces. You need a permit to park even with a Blue Badge. These can be obtained from the Museum Office on arrival. The closest pay and display parking is on Tower Street.

There is a drop off point with a dropped curb on the side of the Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum, and a drop off point without a dropped curb in front of the building. The path in front of the Museum is paved.


The AGC Museum is a single-story building, and it fully accessible for standard wheelchairs. There are no steps leading into the entrance, but there are two doors. One is the entrance to the building, and one is a fire door. The fire door remains closed during cold weather. This area is not easy to navigate, as the doors are in an L-shape configuration and are close together. The first surface is textured matting with metal strips. Some areas of the building are narrower than others and can be difficult to navigate in anything larger than a standard wheelchair.

The front entrance leads into the café, Copper Joes, which has laminate flooring. The area is lit by overhead fluorescent lighting. Some food is made to order on site, and staff cannot guarantee that all meals are free of food related allergens. Please contact the café with questions on catering for specific dietary requirements.

All text panels are positioned to be read from a seated position with a top height of 200 cm. Items in display cases are sometimes displayed vertically, and may not be visible if the eye line is below 115 cm. All audio points have a hearing induction loop. There is carpet throughout, and overhead LED spotlights light the space, however some areas are slightly dimmer than others.

There is seating located throughout the Museum.

The Museum Office and Gift Shop are co-located in the Education Space, at the end of the Museum. These are accessible from the exit of the Museum or from the café. During school and group visits, the Education Space is not easily navigable in wheelchairs or battery-operated wheelchairs/mobility scooters.


Public toilets are located at the back of the Museum, halfway through the display areas. There is a unisex accessible toilet, with baby changing table, however the door is difficult to open from a seated position and measures 89 cm wide. Please ask staff for assistance if needed.